How we work

We sell both certified and non-certified green coffee beans from various regions in Brazil, featuring a wide range of characteristics, tailored for the specialty coffee roaster.

Quality Control

We believe quality control is key to getting you the best coffee and giving you the optimal chance for a top-notch roast. We only work with high quality coffee, so naturally all of our coffee must pass the scrutiny of cupping. Before being shipped, our coffee is evaluated by our highly trained Q-Graders both in the origin country and here in the United States.


Both pick up and delivery must be scheduled with a 48 hour advanced notice to our office. The notice will provide us with the time needed to properly arrange for your order(s)’s safe and timely transportation. If you opt for us to deliver your order, we will include the transportation quote in your invoice, which is provided for you well in advance.

Brazilian Expertise

Our Brazilian team has a long-term relationship with growers and co-op and many friends in the coffee market making our business enjoyable. As native Brazilians living in the US for many years, we understand both cultures, making it easier to bring great coffee and the growers to your doorstep.